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Established in 1998, WangYu is striving relentlessly to a healthy, joyful e-entertainment, pushing cyber cafe to a positive healthy direction, and redefining cyber cafe an unique mixture of service and culture. 15 years of dedication, WangYu is well known by the community and loved by many! The WangYu team , are keen to every effort in leading the Cyber Cafe industry.


In innovation, we believe, our valuable customers deserve a next -gen e-entertainment services other than just cold machine and sole internet access.


WangYu introduced hybrid cafe of online entertainment with cafe classics - WangYu Cafe which had triggered the cafe revolution in china.


Along with our partners, such as Dell, Samsung, Blizzard... hundreds of national and international events were hosted at WangYu, attracted over 150,000 attendees.


Headquartered in Sydney, WangYu Australia, opens its doors to sydneysiders in the CBD of Sydney in July 2014.


Net Fish Net Cafe is committed to creating a multiplayer game space and perfect game experience, serving more than 100 cities in China and extending to Canada, Australia, the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom and other countries. Its subordinate Chinese popular e-sports teams iG and 4AM are brand spokespersons.




Net net cafe ( Shanghai Network Development Co., Ltd. Fish Network ) was established in 1998, it is the first furniture chain of Internet cafes business qualification of Internet cafes . Leading the Internet cafe industry to a comprehensive industry combining service and cultural industries is the ultimate goal of enterprise development .

Unlike ordinary Internet cafes in the traditional sense, Internet Fish Internet Cafes provide customers with services such as rest, office, coffee, and food while providing Internet and gaming services. Coffee bar in Netfish Internet Cafe with stand, deck, internet service area and VIP box


In order to take into account all aspects of entertainment and business, to meet the different needs of different customers.

Over the years of hard work, Internet fish Internet cafes have gradually become active in the Internet market. In addition to having their own professional management team, the stores are spread all over the country, and began to go out of China to cooperate with overseas Internet cafes.

At present, in more than 100 cities across the country, NetFish Internet Cafe has more than 600 operating stores and more than 12 million members, and its coverage has extended to famous cities in Canada , Australia , Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries. By the end of 2017, the annual service of netfish has exceeded 30 million, the maximum daily reception is 150,000, and more than 500 people become netfish members every day. [2] 

Brand spokesperson


In 2015, Netfish Internet Cafe signed with Asian superstar Angelababy as its brand image spokesperson, Angelabab


Angelababy (2 photos)

 As a result, y has become the first star in the world to endorse Internet cafe products. The industry's first brand advertising blockbuster, interpreted by Angelababy , was born simultaneously, with the theme of "Let's be more exciting together". In the film, Angelababy Hupeng was invited to play with net fish and Internet cafes. They formed a team to compete with their opponents, and finally won the game. In the process, lead players and the general public to experience the ultimate enjoyment of fun in the Internet Fish Internet Cafe. [3] 

development path


—In 1998, the first shop of Internet fish—Shanghai Fengyu Store was officially opened ( Internet cafes ) and provided to


Customer online leisure service, this is the embryonic form of Netfish 1.0 store.

- 2007 net fish become Shanghai's first private enterprises chain of Internet cafes business qualification.

—In September 2009, Huang Feng, the godfather of Chinese Internet cafes and the founder of Internet Fish Internet Cafe, first introduced a new business model combining "Internet cafes + coffee" to mainland China, the first Internet fishnet with the slogan "Slow Urban Life". The birth of coffee, net fish entered the Internet cafe 2.0 period, providing freshly ground coffee, milk tea, pastry and a comfortable environment to meet the entertainment needs of young people.

—In 2010, NetFish launched a new business model combining Internet cafes and casual coffee— Internet cafes

—In 2011, Netfish has more than 60 directly-operated stores, which are located in all areas of Shanghai.

—In 2012, Netfish launched a new 3.0 Internet cafe concept store, upgraded hardware equipment such as Apple iMax all-in-one, and added independent coffee

Service areas such as game zones and game lounges, introducing food such as muffins and illy coffee to create a higher-quality network


Yang Ying attended the Internet Fish Internet Cafe event 1 (7 photos)

 Leisure place.

—Since 2012, NetFish Internet Cafe has cooperated with well-known online game platforms such as Tencent, Blizzard, and NetEase to organize international e-sports events. It has also been granted privileged Internet cafes by internationally renowned e-sports projects such as League of Legends and Dota 2.

—In 2014, NetFish launched the 4.0 NetCafé store, redefining the NetCafé model with three highlights of making friends, creating a multi-functional game space, and new products, opening the era of “yPc” independently developed by NetFish. Fish Desktop "system.

—In 2015, Netfish first mentioned the “Internet +” operation mode, created a new O2O business format, and created an O2O online, offline, and one-stop interactive entertainment platform. Its core product is the nation ’s first O2O game social app, about playing artifact “fish bubble” "Bubble" was successfully launched, becoming the industry's annual weathervane. [4] 

In 2015, Wangyu Cong's B round of financing was led by Wang Sicong's Pusi Capital. After this round of investment, Wang Sicong held 8.5852% of Netfish's shares. Huang Xiaoming's Xiamen Mingjia Tiancheng Equity Investment Partnership holds 0.7416% of NetFish Internet Cafe [5]  .

In January 2017, the D round of financing for Netfish Internet Cafe was jointly invested by Dachen Venture Capital, Yicun Capital and Mingjia Capital.

April 8, 2019, the registered capital of coffee nets net suddenly dropped to 44.953 million yuan from the D round of financing after completion of 50 million yuan, reducing the proportion of more than 10% [5]  .

On April 28, 2019, a new investor named Telescope Venture Capital was added to the list of shareholders of Netfish Internet Cafe [5]  .

Brand logo

The brand logo of Net Fish Net Cafe is a cartoon killer whale . Killer whales are marine overlord, a symbol of net fishing net cafes in


Yang Ying attended the Internet Fish Internet Cafe event 2 (5 photos)

 An irreplaceable leader in the industry. The killer whale's unhindered habit of playing in the ocean explains the brand's proposition: "Playing is an attitude", which also means that players swim in the ocean of the Internet, and enjoy the cool and enjoyable experience. Big Coffee Meets Big Coffee Net Fish Internet Cafe The World's First Image Spokesperson [6] 

On September 18, 2014, the killer whale officially settled in the net fish net cafe, accompany its comrades to play in the Internet ocean, and called for more players to come together, more exciting!



y series peripheral products:

Net Fish Net Cafe believes that simplicity is more powerful, and strives for perfection in the development of hardware and equipment . The y series peripheral products carefully created are light and simple in appearance, powerful in function configuration, and ensure the perfect gaming experience for millions of players.

lyPC personal computer all-in-one : fishtail triangle bracket design, aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, built-in 1.3 million HD camera, 3.3GHz quad-core IntelXeon, E31230V3, 8MB three-level cache, NVIDIA750ti, 2GBDDR5 video memory.

lyMouse mouse: anti-interference magnetic ring, maximum acceleration 30G, D2FC-F-7N (10M), 10M = 10Million, 10 million key life.

lyKeyboard keyboard: Extreme narrow edge design, colorful LED lighting, 7 modes, 3 levels of adjustment, full keyboard non-rush design meets double ergonomics.

lyHeadset headphones: two sets of leather protein skin + memory foam, microphone -42dB +/- 3dB, sensitivity 115dB.

lyMat mouse pad: circular design laser cut, excellent performance cloth surface, natural rubber bottom layer, lightweight, soft and highly accurate.

lyMat aluminum (aluminum mouse pad): CNC engraving process, aluminum structure is meticulously carved through multiple processes, slim and wear-resistant. [7] 

App Fish Bubble


Fish Bubble APP [7]  is a functional APP developed and designed by Internet Fish Internet Cafe, a leader in domestic Internet cafes. After downloading and installing the Fish Bubble APP, players can occupy seats in time without waiting, making Internet cafes line up completely history. Netfish Internet Cafe 4.0 stores do not need to install special collection devices, customers do not need to carry cash or bank cards, and can fully enjoy convenient services such as online recharge and mobile payment. With the Fish Bubble APP, players can quickly find nearby friends, making it easy to meet new comrades and enjoy a fun online fish game experience. You can also filter out your favorite gods and apply for play. Veteran players can also apply to become a god of wandering through the Fish Bubble APP and play games with others. The many practical and convenient functions of the Fish Bubble APP fully highlight the precise control of Netfish Internet Cafe's individual needs and the bold and innovative ability of players. 

The game playing artifact “Fish Bubbles” [9] independently developed by Netfish and Internet Cafe   is the nation's first O2O game social software. , Is the core product of O2O online and offline one-stop entertainment interactive platform.