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Wanyoo has developed into the largest Gaming Café Chain in Asia since established  in 1998. As a leader in the Chinese Internet cafe industry, Wanyoo has attracted a  large number of urban young people with its network culture.

Wanyoo UK is set to be the UK's largest public Esports studio and committed to providing multi-functional gaming facilities, leisure services, professional e-sports equipment, and PCs. It is dedicated to offering a unique lifestyle gaming experience and deliver high-end customer service.

A quick view of Wanyoo

Cities x 30+

Stores x 600+

Members x 16,000,000+

Since 2012, Wanyoo Internet cafes have cooperated with Tencent, Blizzard, Netease and other online game platforms to host international e-sports competitions. It has also been granted privileged Internet cafes by internationally renowned e-sports such as League of Legends and DOTA 2.


The first privately owned company in Shanghai to be qualified for opening chain stores as Internet cafes.


Wanyoo launched a new business mode combining Internet cafes and casual coffee.


Wanyoo launched the new 3.0 concept store, with the upgraded hardware equipment.


The first Wanyoo store was opened.

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